Report side effect

Report side effect

Whats is Side effect?

A side effect is an unintended effect of a drug or medical treatment. It can be any unwanted or unpleasant effect, whether it is mild or severe. Side effects can vary from person to person and can depend on the drug, the dosage, and the individual’s health.

why Reporting side effects is Important?

Reporting side effects of our products helps us to ensure the safety of our products and our patients. Your information will also help us to fulfill our reporting responsibilities to health authorities. We are required to provide information on side effects with our products, even if there is no clear link between the product and the effect. If you or the person you are reporting on behalf of are currently suffering from severe side effects, you should contact your local doctor or other medical health professional before reporting the side effect.

How to report side effects?

you can report side effects electronically through oir website by pressing the link below :


    Adverse events reporting

    Product Information

    What action was taken as a result of the side effect?

    Dose reducedDose IncreasedNo Changetreatment discontinuation

    Side Effect

    What was the outcome of the side effect?

    Complete recoveryCondition detorioratedCondition improvingCondition unchangedFatal or death

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