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Clinic director

In the name of Allah, the beneficent, the merciful

 Team of farsighted and efficient Libyan doctors, have decided to encourage the private health sector to group within one building various medical specialties, facilities and the latest medical equipment to provide the best health care services.

 In November 1994, AlAfia clinic was opened to provide the most efficient medical care to the Libyan people,

 Management and medical expertise were sourced from national and international medical organization. This enable us to provide our patients with optimum quality and skill surgical procedures, medical care managements, as well as pre and post operative nursing.

 God has blessed us to be the most well known and highly recommended clinic in Libya to provide the medical services to the highest healthcare standards but also continuous and on-going update in all fields. And keep at forefront of medical care, by providing a comprehensive, efficient and affordable range of healthcare services

 Your satisfaction is our highest reward.

Out patient clinic

The out –patient department is organized to provide services at most convenient time to the patient with continuous presence of qualified and experienced Libya consultants in different specialties.

 – General & vascular surgery

 – Urology

 – Orthopedic surgery

 – Ear, nose and throat

 – Obstetrics and gynecology

 – Cardiology

 – Medical

 – Ophthalmology

 – Pediatrics

 – Neurology

 – Dermatology

 – Neurosurgery

 – Dental

Endoscopy department

All type of Endoscopy are a viable and preformed by well trained consultants


 – Colonoscopy

 – Diagnostic and therapeutic ERCP

 – Bronchoscope

 –  Rhinoscopy

– Colopscopy


Our laboratory has always been recognized by one and all, as being fast, efficient, and of very high stander.

Our Laboratory  is one of most active departments in the clinic which  provides service around the clock, and covers all the need of in-patient and out-patient from Al-Afia clinic and referred from other clinic.

Outpatient Department

In which the citizen can benefit from the services of this section daily in the morning and evening periods, and all medical specialties are covered under the supervision of the elite Libyan doctors and consultants in all medical specialties. This section contains the following outpatient clinics:

1- General surgery clinic

2- Urology clinic

3- Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic

4- Orthopedics and Traumatology Clinic

5- Clinic of ophthalmology and laser therapy

6- Internal medicine and cardiology clinic

7- Pediatric Clinic 8- Dermatology Clinic

9- Otolaryngology Clinic 10- Neurosurgery Clinic

It is also equipped with auxiliary medical devices:

* Laser unit for the treatment of eye diseases

* Optical field meter.

* Audiogram unit.

* ECG machine under stress.

24 hour ECG machine.

* Pulmonary function test device.

* Brain, muscle and nerve planning device