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Our Commitment

In our commitment to provide our customers with the best Medical Service and Technology, Al-Afia Medical Clinic , has once again exerted efforts to reach out to patients with the latest technology available.

On November 1994 Al-Afia Medical Clinic was opened to provide the most efficient Medical Care to Libya . And now, we have opened our doors to the world. In our continued pursuit of medical excellence we launch this Website to reach out further to those who need medical care.

Let this be a symbol of our commitment to you. Your Satisfaction is our Highest Reward.

Dr. Fawzi Addala
Clinic Director

Ambulance and emergency department

The Ambulance and Emergency Department is one of the most important departments of the clinic. This department receives and accommodates all ambulance and emergency cases in all disciplines, including traffic accidents. It is fully equipped and works with its medical and nursing staff equipped with the latest cardiopulmonary resuscitation equipment around the clock. It has been provided with advanced and equipped ambulances with all Modern emergency requirements.

Outpatient Department

In which the citizen can benefit from the services of this section daily in the morning and evening periods, and all medical specialties are covered under the supervision of the elite Libyan doctors and consultants in all medical specialties. This section contains the following outpatient clinics:


1- General surgery clinic 2- Urology clinic

3- Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic 4- Orthopedics and Traumatology Clinic

5- Clinic of ophthalmology and laser therapy 6- Internal medicine and cardiology clinic

7- Pediatric Clinic 8- Dermatology Clinic

9- Otolaryngology Clinic 10- Neurosurgery Clinic

It is also equipped with auxiliary medical devices:

* Laser unit for the treatment of eye diseases

* Optical field meter.

* Audiogram unit.

* ECG machine under stress.

* 24 hour ECG machine.

* Pulmonary function test device.

* Brain, muscle and nerve planning device

Diagnostic Radiology Department

Keeping pace with the technical development in the field of diagnostic radiology, this department has been provided with the latest and most advanced equipment in all these fields of diagnostic radiology. These units are supervised by consultants and technicians with high experience in this field: –


The MRI machine is the preferred method for studying the brain, spine, skeleton, chest, blood vessels, and imaging the bile ducts without the presence of radiation hazards.

– C.TSCAN CT scanner, which was then updated with a modern device this year, where it can image blood vessels and perform an endoscopic CT scanner

General radiology and digital color radiology unit.

Angiography unit.

Breast imaging unit.

Ultrasound unit

Color Doppler and Echo unit

Diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy department

This department completes the distinguished health services of the clinic and is supervised by specialists at the highest level of accuracy and efficiency. The unit includes: –


* Upper and lower GI endoscopy

*Bile duct endoscopy

* Bronchoscopy and bronchoscopy

* Cervical endoscopy

* Urological endoscopy

* Arthroscopy

Accommodation Department

The clinic has a capacity of 60 beds distributed in single and double rooms equipped with all luxuries to ensure the comfort of patients.

Intensive Care Department

The Intensive Care Department represents an integrated medical unit fully equipped to receive and care for all critical cases 24 hours a day, with a permanent doctor and a nurse for each patient around the clock. It contains 8 beds equipped with all modern equipment, including artificial respirators.


The intensive care unit receives patients of all age groups who are in critical condition from accidents, heart injuries and respiratory failure, and our efforts in the intensive care unit are focused on providing focused medical support to patients and bringing them to safety and those who have been rehabilitated

maternity and nursery department

The department provides its services 24 hours a day. It is equipped with a modern maternity hall as well as a nursery for the care of newborns and premature infants. It is fully equipped to receive cases. This department is supervised by specialized doctors while maintaining the utmost levels of sterilization to ensure the safety of the mother and the newborn.

Department of Surgery and Anesthesia

The clinic paid great attention to this department, as it was provided with three major and minor surgical rooms equipped with the latest anesthesia devices and a permanent patient monitor for safe anesthesia.


It has also been provided with the finest surgical equipment and devices, such as microsurgery devices, in order to perform all major surgeries that require special skills and equipment in all medical specialties, and an integrated radiology unit is attached to it. The department covers all specialties, including:

General and vascular surgery.

Urology surgery.

Orthopedics, fractures and artificial joints.

Obstetrics and gynecology surgery.

Eye surgery and laser therapy.

Ear, Nose and Throat surgery.


Surgical endoscopy unit in the field of general surgery, urology and orthopedics.

Department of laboratories and medical laboratories

The laboratory is considered one of the most vital departments in the sanatorium, as its services cover all patients of the sanatorium, whether inmates or frequenting its outpatient clinics, in addition to a large segment of citizens from outside the sanatorium, 24 hours a day.


– Speed. The latest laboratory equipment.

– Ultimate accuracy. Round the clock service.

Service tradition. Follow the high quality system.

Qualified and distinguished staff.

Dental Section

The dental department consists of three main clinics equipped with the latest devices and equipment, and managed by a team of experienced specialists.


It provides the following services:

Oral and dental disease diagnosis

Preventive dentistry

Preventive treatments against tooth decay

Pediatric dentistry

Root and gum disease treatment

– Teeth whitening

Fixed and removable prosthodontics