Emergency room 2

Emergency room

Emergency medical service are provided around the clocks by well trained resident doctors and consultant on call system in all specialties, and ambulance cars are all time available


 -24Hours ECG (Holter’s monitoring),

 – Treadmill Stress Test ,

 -Pulmonary function test,

 – EEG

 – EMG,

 All and more can be preformed in our clinic.

Department of laboratories and medical laboratories

The laboratory is considered one of the most vital departments in the sanatorium, as its services cover all patients of the sanatorium, whether inmates or frequenting its outpatient clinics, in addition to a large segment of citizens from outside the sanatorium, 24 hours a day.

– Speed. The latest laboratory equipment.

– Ultimate accuracy. Round the clock service.

Service tradition. Follow the high quality system.

Qualified and distinguished staff.