Why Alafia

Demonstrated commitment and expertise in the healthcare arena in Libya with business knowhow.

Excellent relationship with customers and decision makers either in public and private sector.

Total commitment to High Quality Standards.

We maintain our longer-term interests with high level of openness and transparency.

High drug storage room standards.

Willing to invest.

Financial stability.

Our Mission

  • To provide our customers with the innovative healthcare products & solution through selected business partners.
  • To offer superior service to our valued customers.
  • To sustain a strong portfolio of leadership businesses.
  • To drive common initiatives to expand performance.
  • To deliver our products in the most professional and knowledgeable way.
  • To support and develop energise expertise.
  • Our Service is given with ultimate concern for newly generations of medical society.
  • To invest in our people and our community.
  • To positively Impact our community, we serve by introducing high quality medical service and products.

Our Vision

  • Our vision is to be a leading pharmaceutical and surgical distributor company, providing our customers with the finest range of products, with the emphasis on quality, safety, and efficacy.
  • To exceed expectation of our customer by providing them solution with high quality products in highly competitive market.

Vision Statement

  • The opportunity to make a difference to millions of lives every day. Alafia pharmaceutical and medical equipment’sfollows its core values of keeping consumers first, demonstrating respect for people, acting with integrity, and operating with transparency.

Medical Supplies Business Unit

  • The Medical and Scientific Division is one of the largest divisions in the Alafia corporate structure. Currently representing more than 20 of the world’s major principals, we carry a wide range of healthcare products from the basic medical and scientific supplies to the most sophisticated laboratory and clinical equipment. With the quality standards of world-renowned manufacturers and suppliers, and Alafia established expertise in the region, we maintain a distinctive market presence in the field of Medical Equipment, Disposables, Supplies and Scientific Equipment.
  • The division is managed by qualified and experienced medical personnel, who are continuously striving to expand & develop its operation to keep in tandem with the rapid developments in the medical disposables industryhe field of Medical Equipment, Disposables, Supplies and Scientific Equipment.

Alafia pharmaceutical and medical equipment'sA TOP PLACE TO WORK,

  •  while we offer a competitive base salary, we believe that a salary is only the beginning of our investment. And we also realize that everybody who works for us is an individual, which means that our benefits and rewards reflect a wide range of personal and family circumstances and choices.Alafia pharmaceutical and medical equipment’s when it comes to investments, we think not in months or quarters but in generations. We invest for the long term in our research, in our facilities – and in our people. It is, after all, their talent that will drive our future success. Naturally, then, we want talented people not merely to join us but to stay with us for long, fulfilling, productive careers.

    Your well-being and health are precious – to us, as well as you, so we help you to achieve and maintain them, and ensure a healthy lifestyle, From lifelong learning to development opportunities, Our innovation and success would not be possible without our people – this is our way of thanking them.