Core values

Core values

We act as we think and reflect what we believe.


We are committed to the highest levels of execution excellence through continuous investment in advanced technologies, professional training and generating relationships that promote new criteria and ideas


This guides all our range of activities, from those involved in Research and Development to Production to those related to Business Development or even execution of the promotional activities. We have an attitude in favor of all the new and the best in each stage of our business processes


We believe that successful results are the result of teamwork and mutual enrichment. We promote collaboration at all levels as a platform to guarantee solid results to our patients, partners, employees and shareholders.


As a foundation of leadership, We adhere to the ethical principles in all aspects of doing business. We carry out our work focusing on quality, showing higher degree of transparency in our relationships with competitors, customers, partners and institutions.
From individual behaviors to corporate actions, showing mutual trust, respect and feal of responsibility.


We share and profess the ability to adapt to changes in both the business and regulatory environments at a local and international levels. Flexibility is also reflected in the continuous expansion of our production and marketing capacity.


Quality Assurance is based on a Standard operating procedures that each employee is following. We are committed to the development and exercise of a quality policy with established and permanently revised objectives.


We are aware of the impact that any human action, either as individuals or as a company, has on the wellbeing of the communities. That is why we are committed to the economic, social and environmental development of the communities reached by our activities.